The COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic can create heightened anxiety and confusion for cancer patients and their caregivers. It is imperative that Patient Navigators continue to provide support, education and resources during this time of uncertainty. To assist with Patient Navigation efforts Family Care Path is offering free access to our cloud-based CancerNAV application, a patient relationship management tool.

How Patients are Affected by the Pandemic

As this public health crisis unfolds, patients can easily become overwhelmed with changes to their normal daily routines and the amount of media information they are receiving. When life becomes uncertain, it can leave us feeling anxious and stressed. During this challenging time, patients need extra support.

How Navigators are Supporting Patients

Patient Navigators are working with patients to create new routines to help reduce their anxiety and provide a sense of control and safety. A central focus for navigators as patient advocates is to identify and address potential barriers to care.  They are connecting patients with resources for stress management and self-management at home as they continue their cancer journey. Providing patients with online programs and encouraging them to engage in activities that bring joy is important during this uncertain time.

Additionally, as cancer programs adapt during this pandemic, Patient Navigators may be facing the challenge of changes in workflow. They are being asked to work remotely and to utilize innovative ways to communicate with patients.  As each institution establishes protocols for managing patients’ needs, program administrators are looking for ways to efficiently manage navigator workflow and document care coordination. 

How CancerNAV Supports Navigation Programs

CancerNAV is a HIPAA-compliant, patient management solution originally developed at the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center. CancerNAV provides navigator-specific workflow tracking, documentation of care coordination, and metrics on ensuring timely access and addressing barriers to care.  Click here for more CancerNAV information.

 The CancerNAV focused and streamlined workflow tracking includes: 

  • Caseload landing page with prioritized reminders
  • Individual patient dashboards
  • Documentation of encounters – pending and resolved
  • Appointments – quick add
  • Checklist by cancer type
  • Dropdown selections customized to your practice setting
  • Metrics reports
  • Plus More! 

CancerNAV will be available at No Cost through the end of May, 2020.  And is implemented in a matter of days not weeks!  Contact Gena Middleton at with questions about CancerNAV or make an appointment to speak with her Click here for an appointment.

Family Care Path is concerned about the unprecedented challenges and hardships people are experiencing during this coronavirus pandemic.  We welcome the opportunity to support your heroic work during these challenging times!

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