Employees are understandably anxious and worried about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives in this unprecedented situation that is constantly changing. They are looking for clear and factual healthcare advice that they can follow.  Meanwhile, employers are faced with the challenges of protecting the health of their workforce as well as improve workforce productivity, satisfaction and overall well-being during a pandemic.

Expanding Voluntary Benefit Offerings

Employees are increasingly looking to their workplace to help them deal with the pandemic challenges, while employers are working to expand their voluntary benefits to meet these demands.  A Wakefield Research survey of Human Resource and Benefits leaders conducted in March 2020, shows that 93% of HR leaders are investing in additional family benefits to their employees. One of HR leaders’ top priorities is providing opportunities for employee well-being.  

Lack of Wellness Resources

Unfortunately, employees are feeling they often have a lack of health resources available to them. According to the 2019 Willis Towers Watson Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, only 40% of employees feel their employer provides resources to support their health and wellbeing.

Employers can help employees by offering education, communication and decision-support tools,” says Jennifer DeMeo, senior director of retirement at Willis Towers Watson. “This approach not only leads employees to make more informed benefit decisions but also boosts their financial wellbeing. Employers have the opportunity to better communicate with employees to provide tools and engage them in their benefits.”

MyLegacy Supports Employee Healthcare Decisions

MyLegacy is an easy-to-use and low-cost application employers can offer to their employees as a health and wellbeing product. MyLegacy, developed by the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, offers a personalized healthcare assessment for individuals. It identifies those at the greatest risk of hereditary diseases, including hereditary cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders and provides preventive care and medical management support.  It is always better to prevent a physically and financially devastating disease like cancer, then to deal with it later when it has advanced. 

How MyLegacy Works

With MyLegacy, the employee enters their personal and family health history into the secure, web-based application.  The information is processed utilizing clinical analyses developed at the Cleveland Clinic, and provides a disease risk summary, family tree and clinical recommendations. These results can then be shared and reviewed with their physician, genetic counselor or other care team members to develop a personalized medical care plan.

Providing MyLegacy to employees improves employee satisfaction and actively involves them in their lifelong health journey, including identifying those at highest risk of developing diseases. Those who act on the disease prevention recommendations can develop better clinical outcomes and enhanced quality of life for themselves AND their family members.

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