As coronavirus continues to spread, many people wonder if they should be tested for COVID-19. However, due to a national shortage of testing materials and personnel, health officials are asking people to self evaluate before contacting a healthcare provider seeking testing or treatment.

How to Assess Your Symptoms 

Family Care Path, co-founded by the Cleveland Clinic, is leveraging its disease risk assessment application, MyLegacy, to offer a free risk assessment for COVID-19/Coronavirus.    

The Family Care Path online COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool is available here.  This questionnaire helps individuals self assess if they have the coronavirus. The assessment is based on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines, including self-reported symptoms, personal health information and recent travel activities.

Speak to a Telehealth Provider

If the self-reported answers to the Family Care Path COVID-19 questionnaire indicate that the individual may be demonstrating potential symptoms of coronavirus infection, they will be recommended to speak with a telehealth provider.  The telehealth provider can more specifically evaluate their symptoms and COVID-19 risk and provide them with follow-up medical instructions.  

Family Care Path encourages everyone that has specific concerns relating to their health, to discuss this with a healthcare provider.

Minimizing the Spread of Coronavirus

Meanwhile, it is recommended to continue to follow the precautions suggested by CDC and public health officials and self-monitor for potential COVID-19 symptoms. We can minimize the spread of the coronavirus and preserve our healthcare resources by maintaining good hygiene practices, practicing social distancing, and through early identification of symptoms.

To access the Family Care Path COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool click here.

For questions regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus please go to the CDC website at

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