Clinical Applications

Designed to improve patient outcomes and increase physician and clinical process efficiency.

Innovative Healthcare Apps

Family Care Path (FCP) utilizes the latest technology to develop secure and scalable applications to improve the quality of healthcare, AND reduce cost.

Leveraging industry standard technologies such as Microsoft Cloud and both the SMART® and HL7® FHIR® open standards, FCP’s mission is to create applications which can seamlessly communicate with all Electronic Medical Record systems.  The MyLegacy and  CarePathConnect applications have already been certified for Cerner’s EHR environment.  

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Family Health History

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Automatically capture a patient’s personal and family health history information and identify areas of potential concern and offer medical solutions


TeleGenetic Counseling

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An exclusive online genetic counseling resource for patients who were identified by MyLegacy to be at increased risk for certain hereditary conditions


Patient Navigation

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Used to support patient navigators as they manage the treatment path for their oncology patient population through the health system


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