About Us

We Develop, Adapt and Market Clinical Software Applications

Technology Developed and Maintained by the Cleveland Clinic


Family Care Path was formed in 2016 as a spin-off company from Cleveland Clinic Innovations with a mission to bring patient-benefiting products from the academic institute to market.

We founded the company to introduce the web-based clinical decision support application MyLegacy, which uses proprietary algorithms based on practice guidelines developed by the Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute. Our market vision for this application was to address the need for a cost effective means to collect family health history that was compatible with the electronic medical record and convey associated risks for actionable health conditions to patients. This standardized tool has helped to save valuable physician time while ensuring that genetically at-risk patients are identified so that clinically appropriate measures are taken.

Our team, led by Dave McKee,Dave McKee Photo Chair to the External Advisory Board for the Genomics Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic, and formerly with Arthur Andersen, recognized through their collective healthcare experience that many physicians, patients and healthy individuals lacked timely access to resources needed to benefit from the genetic information provided by MyLegacy due to the shortage of genetic counselors and medical geneticists. So they embarked on an initiative to build an international telegenetic counseling network, branded CarePathConnect.  Patients are able to discuss their genetic health risk conditions with genetic counselors and learn about the benefits and limitations of genetic testing via a HIPAA-compliant web-based video platform.  This interaction increases the patient’s understanding of their predisposition for certain genetic diseases, reduces unnecessary testing, and optimizes the results of the subsequent patient-physician clinical encounters.

With a focus on the Precision Medicine Initiative, physicians are using this personalized risk information to develop custom care plans to deliver quality, efficient health care to their patients.   Family Care Path has recognized the additional need to support the healthcare team, patients and caregivers in areas with complex care paths, such as oncology, with numerous medical professionals involved and an extended timeline for patients’ recovery.  In response, our team has developed an application, CancerNav, based on the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center’s patient navigation software.  This customizable application enhances the patient navigator’s ability to identify, track, manage interventions, and provide follow-up for the oncology patient population, in a seamless and real-time basis. Time to treat has been decreased which  reduces patient stress, increases patient as well as navigator satisfaction, improves medical team communication and optimizes navigator efficiency. Ultimately, patients are more likely to remain with the program improving their outcome.

Personalized medicine is an extension of traditional approaches to understanding and treating illness that requires more precision tools to diagnose, treat and manage diseases based on the way an individual’s body works. It is our desire to continue our work along this continuum striving to improve patient outcomes and increase physician and clinical process efficiency through the development of web-based clinical applications.