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“A Clinical Application for Collecting Family Health History and Automating the Prediction of Patient Disease Risk”

About MyLegacy

MyLegacy is a web-based clinical decision support application. It collects patient-provided personal and extended family history, and based on this information, provides the primary care physician with a genetic risk assessment for specific conditions.

Improved Outcomes & Efficiency

A thorough history is considered beneficial to patient care and the value of family health histories has been extensively documented. A busy clinic schedule usually does not leave the physician enough time to take a comprehensive family history, and unfortunately, even less time to perform proper risk assessment for the different disorders for which professional guidelines are available. These steps are automated by MyLegacy, which uses proprietary algorithms based on practice guidelines developed by the Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute. This application, helps save valuable physician time, also ensures genetically at-risk patients are identified and appropriate clinical measures are taken.

Integrated into the EMR

MyLegacy is the first family history clinical decision support application that can integrate into existing electronic medical health record systems. The report (Disease Risk Reference Summary) and the family tree (pedigree image) integrate into the electronic medical record for use by the clinician. Both are printer friendly allowing the patient to take home the information for future reference. MyLegacy data can be reprocessed in subsequent years for additional family history or updated algorithms which are reviewed annually by Family Care Path’s Inc. Medical Advisory Board.

Patient Involvement

MyLegacy is built on Microsoft’s cloud and leverages the latest technology to provide a secure and scalable solution for managing personalized family health history data. Patients can access MyLegacy from the comfort of their own home, documenting their family health history at their own pace. Ultimately, this improves the quality of information and provides critical decision support to physicians in-line with patient care.

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MyLegacy leverages both the SMART® and HL7® FHIR® open standards for seamless communication with major electronic Medical records and patient portal. This enables application level integration, allowing both patients and clinicians access to their EMR accounts for authentication and authorization, securely sharing information between the patient record and the My Legacy application. This model improves the user experience and ensures key patient information is coordinated within the patient record. The best patient information is available in time for clinical decisions and is accessible at the point of care.

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The following video is a demonstration of the MyLegacy software application.  For the best viewing experience, please expand the video to full screen by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the playback window.