Patient Navigation Relieves Stress of Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience for a patient producing feelings of fear, anxiety, confusion, grief and depression. The patient’s path through the healthcare system involves dealing with these feelings while coordinating tests and consultations to determine their treatment.   Additionally, many patients do not fully understand the importance of timely access to care, which further distresses their situation.

At the Cleveland Clinic, cancer patients are guided through their treatment journey by Patient Navigators who help bridge the gap between the complex medical culture and the patient’s culture. Also known as Patient Liaisons, they assist patients and their families by intervening on their behalf with non-medical needs such as resolving scheduling problems, providing directions, parking vouchers, transportation or lodging coordination, ensuring medical records are received, and connecting them with other departments such as finance or social work as needed. Their goal is to make the patient’s treatment experience easier by relieving their stress and confusion.

Cleveland Clinic Patient Liaison Tyler Somereshield says, “We are troubleshooters. We try to be proactive and we try to ensure that the patient’s experience and daily maneuvers proceed as well as possible on their cancer care journey.”

Hear more about how Patient Navigators assist patients and their families from Tyler Somerfield in the article  Cancer Patients Can Find Help to Handle the Details and find useful links to information from the Cleveland Clinic for your Cancer journey.

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