We’re celebrating another milestone at Family Care Path, Inc. as our second app is validated for the Cerner App Gallery through the Cerner Open Developer Experience (CODE).

The integration of CancerNAV within the Cerner electronic health record (EHR) provides the ability to prioritize the next steps in the patient’s cancer journey, immediately identify and address treatment breaches and maximize resource utilization.

Benefits of Navigation

Cancer is complex – and not just at the biological level. Patients can have multiple entry points into the healthcare system and their journey is unique based on their diagnosis, cancer stage, and genomic profile. Knowing where to start – and the next best step – can add unnecessary anxiety and stress to patient populations. Oncology navigation programs guide patients throughout the entire cancer care continuum from screening to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Oncology navigators serve as patient advocates that provide personalized care focused on addressing barriers to care by providing education and resources to ensure timely access to quality care.

CancerNAV Improves Efficiency and Reduces Patient Leakage

CancerNAV is a PRM (patient relationship management) solution that supports efficient and timely patient engagement, communication and adherence to their treatment plan. CancerNAV captures specialized navigator workflow and care coordination with a streamlined dashboard, disease-specific checklists and color-coded benchmarks, reminders and alerts.

Using technologies developed and maintained by the Cleveland Clinic, CancerNAV has broad applicability across diverse practice settings and patient populations to facilitate the delivery of quality care through interdisciplinary collaboration. Quality improvement initiatives and documentation to accreditation standards are further enhanced with actionable metrics at the point of care allowing oncology programs to demonstrate their success and sustainability.

Success of Partnerships

Cerner is leading the wave of disruptive technology. They are committed to making healthcare better through innovative tools that allow their clients to get more from Cerner technology. It feels appropriate during this holiday season to express our gratitude for this opportunity to collaborate with Cerner on SMART and HL7 FHIR app development. Healthcare is better for their efforts.

View the CancerNAV App in the Cerner App Gallery at  https://code.cerner.com/apps/cancernav

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