In a study published by the European Journal of Human Genetics,  Charis Eng,  MD PhD,  supports that an accurate Family History is the Gold Standard in predicting disease risk.

This comparative cancer study of 44 subjects, in the areas of prostate, colorectal and breast cancers was performed with half of the test group completing a Family Health Risk Assessment and the other half supplying a Saliva Test to a direct consumer (over the counter) genetic testing company.  Where the intent was for the Risk Assessment to identify low, moderate and high risks for these cancers and the genetic test to identify the cancers, the Risk Assessment group identified 22 high risk cancers and the Genetic Test identified 1.

Family History is the Best Predictor of Health Risks

These results show that Family History may be a better predictor of future disease risk than genetic testing. Family History helps everyone find a road map for wellness and prevention.

“Prevention is everything. If you know your family health history you see what’s in your map and if the map says I have many cancers in the family it’s not a frightening thing, it’s knowledge and knowledge is power!” – Charis Eng,  MD PhD

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