April 30, 2019

FCP is honored to be among the 30 winners of the 2019 Health Value Award presented by the Validation Institute. We appreciate being recognized as a Spotlight company for the unique and innovative clinical support applications that we offer to employers and healthcare providers.

Family Care Path develops, adapts and markets web-based clinical software applications designed to improve patient outcomes, increase physician and clinical process efficiency, and interface with a variety of electronic health records.  The Validation Institute has recognized the value of our family health history tool, MyLegacy which provides genetic and hereditary health risk assessment and evidence-based recommendations based on algorithms produced at the Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine Institute without the need for blood or saliva samples.

Many exciting concepts for healthcare applications remain isolated within the development environment. Our company’s mission is to identify these opportunities and develop software solutions utilizing industry standard protocols, to enable widespread adoption for better health outcomes.

Validation Institute Press Release: https://validationinstitute.com/thirty-companies-recognized-for-acheivements-during-2nd-annual-health-value-awards/

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